About us

Carpenter, nurse or cook? Looking to find a new profession or to increase or update your knowledge in an old one? Both are possible at Turku Vocational Institute.

Turku Vocational Institute (TAI) is one of Finland’s largest upper secondary vocational schools. It offers young people and adults education and training for basic vocational qualifications, as well as vocational further education and training in the fields of Business Economics and Service, Technology, and Health and Welfare.

Turku Vocational School has eight different units, some of them located right in the center of Turku. The language of instruction at the Institute is Finnish, except for the educational unit of Business and IT, in which instruction is given also in Swedish.

The studies are carried out with a diverse and practical approach. The teaching environments within the Institute offer interesting learning opportunities and close connections with working life. The studies can also be completed through apprenticeship training.

Turku Vocational Institute (TAI) in brief:

  • Basic vocational qualifications, vocational further education and training
  • Business administration and business IT studies in Swedish
  • Studies particularly geared to immigrants
  • 1500 new admissions, 3900 young adult students
  • 6000 adult students
  • Approximately 600 personnel

The administrative organisation of Turku Vocational Institute (TAI)

Turku Vocational Institute operates in eight different locations within the City of Turku. The Institute is maintained by the City of Turku. The Institute is run and developed by the Upper Secondary and Vocational Education Section of the Education Committee of the City of Turku.