International projects

International projects

The projects undertaken by Turku Vocational Institute can be divided into six categories:

1.Development projects, where the main objective is to develop quality and to create new opportunities for instruction and studies.

VaSkooli, the Institute’s largest project in terms of extent and finances, is also an active part of our international activities. The overall budget for the project is 1,750,000 euro, of which 260,000 euro represents the share of international activities.

2. The network projects generally include 2-15 Finnish schools, which are jointly involved in international activities that focus on a particular country, educational branch or form of activity.

The broadest international network is the Russian network, which involves 17 different vocational schools throughout Finland.

3.Projects related to on-the-job learning are focused on improving the students’ opportunities to complete their on-the-job learning period abroad.

4. International tutor training

5. International competitions

6. Teachers' international competence