The upper secondary schools in Turku and the Turku Vocational Institute are doing their part to support families who relocate to Turku in settling down smoothly by making sure that the children can continue the studies they started in their previous home town in corresponding training in their new home city.

The Turku Vocational Institute guarantees that by submitting an application, the children of families who relocate to Turku will be admitted to study for the same degree that they are already studying for in their current home town. The Turku Vocational Institute is concerned about the success of companies’ recruitment efforts, and it also bears its part of the responsibility in these efforts.

‘We provide assistance not only in finding employees from among the professionals graduating from our institute but also in attracting professionals recruited from elsewhere in Finland,’ says Hannu Immonen, the service area director for vocational education.

‘Students in upper secondary schools can also continue their studies at one of the upper secondary schools in Turku if their families move to Turku,’ promises Esko Heikkonen, the service area director for upper secondary education.

‘Students can also be admitted to an upper secondary school in Turku in a situation where they have been accepted to an upper secondary school in their own municipality, but the family moves to Turku after the end of the joint application process. Upper secondary school studies can also be continued or supplemented at the Turku Upper Secondary School for Adults,’ adds Heikkonen.

Individual study paths at the Turku Vocational Institute

The individual study paths of students at the Turku Vocational Institute, such as the double degree path, the top expert’s path, the internationality path, the entrepreneur’s path or the athlete’s path, are ensured with personal study plans. The institute also works in active cooperation with the Sport Academy of Turku Region. The Turku Vocational Institute’s student exchanges with partner institutions abroad and companies in various fields produce expertise and language proficiency for cultural encounters.

The pedagogical solutions for learning are varied and functional, and they encourage students to cooperate and network with others. The expertise needed in professions is ensured with on-the-job learning periods in companies as well as diverse contact with working life.

Graduating from upper secondary school with top results and continuing on to further studies

Every year, the upper secondary schools in Turku produce students who graduate with top results. Students who graduate from upper secondary schools in Turku are admitted to institutions of higher education at a rate higher than the national average.

Almost all upper secondary schools in Turku have a special educational mission assigned to them by the Ministry of Education and Culture. These special study tracks include expression, ICT, sports, music and natural sciences. There is also a marine study track offered in Turku. In addition to normal upper secondary studies, the special educational mission of upper secondary schools also involves hours and hours of improvisation, game design, gruelling training, large-scale music productions, laboratory courses at a university and field research at the Archipelago Sea. Every upper secondary school in Turku provides the opportunity to complete an upper secondary school diploma in a variety of subjects. In addition to Finnish, Swedish and English, students can also choose to study German, French, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Latin, Chinese or Japanese. All upper secondary schools in Turku participate in a great deal of international activities.