About us

Turku Vocational Institute – TAI among friends – is a multi-disciplinary provider of upper secondary level vocational education and training. With over 10 000 annual students and a turnover of 48 million euros, it is the largest VET training center in South-Western Finland and one of the largest in the country.​


Approximately half of our students are young adults working towards a basic vocational qualification and half are adults seeking supplementary or in-service training, a career change or an advanced vocational degree. Our operations run with a staff of 570 highly qualified educational and administrative experts.​

TAI is a public vocational school maintained by the City of Turku since 1998. We operate in six campuses within the city offering training in 28 basic vocational qualifications and 35 further and specialist vocational qualifications in the fields of:​

  • Technology, communication and transport​
  • Social Services, Health and Sports​
  • Tourism, Catering and Domestic Services​
  • Business and Administration.

Supporting students and companies​

Turku Vocational Institute’s two-fold mission is to serve the local economy, our partners and the youth and adults of South-Western Finland.​

By working in close collaboration with our working life contacts both in Finland and abroad as well as utilizing our own authentic practical learning facilities, we educate skilled workers that the companies need to compete in a global setting. For our students, we offer crucial professional skills and life-long learning competences required in the working life of today’s ever-changing world.

Turku Vocational Institute's core values:

  • TAI for all – everyone is special
  • More together – our internal and external networks make us stronger​
  • We only have this one globe – sustainability, recycling and social responsibility
  • People who feel well work well – the well-being of our students and staff leads to success​

These goals are celebrated in our everyday actions and our development projects worth over 2 million euros yearly.​