Educational Partnerships

Turku Vocational Institute is at the forefront of development work in vocational education.
Decades of experience in serving our region’s evolving workforce needs leaves Turku Vocational Institute uniquely qualified to guide education providers looking to build and develop their vocational programs.

We can help your organisation in building education that meets the demands of both students and their future employers.

Our expertice in VET development is at your service.

Contact us to let us know what you need.

Our educational partnership services include:

  • teacher upskilling
  • Skills contestant coaching
  • curriculum development
  • implementing new virtual and physical learning environments
  • establishing new methods for promoting student well-being.

Be it curriculum adjustment, Skills competition sparring or developing new innovative learning environments, our expertice in VET development is at your service.

Restaurant and Catering student at our teaching restaurant TAITO, by TAI

Learning Environments and Teaching Method Development

Turku Vocational Institute excels in setting up innovative physical and virtual learning environments and incorporating them into the curriculum. TAI is uniquely accustomed to devising new learning contents and environments to fill the needs of the region’s marine and automotive companies as well as the travel and service industry.

Are you looking to adapt your education to the needs of your region? We are happy to share our knowledge and help you plan and build your organisation’s learning environments.

Contact us to learn more and let us help you reach your goals.

Physical learning environments allow vocational students to train with authentic tasks and customers while safely supported by close educational guidance. We can help your organisation build learning environments that provide realistic working experiences to your students prior to and in between testing their skills in companies as well as valuable services to the community and the region.

Take a look at some of our practical learning environments e.g. the multi-functional Wisio entrepreneurship learning center, Machine Technology Center Ltd co-owned and operated by TAI and several higher education institutions as well as the museum ship S/S Bore, a rewarded hostel run by our students.

Virtual learning environments, such as a simulated construction site for training earthmover operators or an online virtual reality workshop for automotive repair, are excellent tools for varying educational needs and situations. Virtual environments decrease the need of physical equipment investments and make the time spent on physical training more efficient as the students can acquire the basic skills, knowledge and principles before moving on to real life practical application.

Training for Skills Competitions

Vocational skills competitions are a popular way of displaying the expertise of vocational students and garnering publicity for the VET sector. Turku Vocational Institute students have participated in Skills competitions in national, European (EuroSkills) and global (WorldSkills) arenas. The success they have enjoyed is a testament to both their own skill, talent, and hard work, and the quality of the training and coaching provided by their teachers and trainers. We can help your students excel in competitive 

Learn more about Skills Competition activities at TAI.