International activities

TAI students and staff can gather skills to prepare for the ever-globalizing working life through our organization’s international activities:

  • Exchange programs; educational visits and training periods in partner schools and companies abroad
  • Tutoring or hosting our international guests and incoming exchange students
  • Participating in national and international Skills competitions
  • Taking part in international development projects

To learn about the education development services we offer, take a look at our Educational Partnerships.

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Turku Vocational Institute has an international network of partner schools all over Europe as well as in Asia, North America and Africa.

In addition to student and teacher exchanges with our project partners, TAI is a member in multi-national development projects and networks. We also participate actively in the national and international Skills competition scene.

Students at the Cathedral steps, by Joonas Salo

Erasmus+ projects

Erasmus+ exchange projects enable our students and staff training periods and educational visits in companies and schools abroad. TAI sends out between 70 and 100 students every year, usually for 1–2 months at a time. We also receive students and visitors from our partners.

These activities are funded by the Erasmus+ program and the Finnish National Agency of Education.

Independent European – Building European Identities through International Mobility (2019–2021)

Students’ training periods in companies or schools : 90
Staff Training periods with partners: 40

During the project, a vocational training module intended to measure the students’ professional and intercultural competence development during the international experience is developped and tested.

Building Skills - competences for education and career skills development (2020 – 2022)

Students’ training periods in companies or schools : 94
Staff Trainin periods with partners: 40

During the project, we develop modules of language and cultural studies that can be completed while abroad. Staff exchanges aim at professional development as well as idea gathering for the our new multi-trade vocational campus to be built in 2025–2026. We also receive students and staff from our partners.

À la découverte de souveaux soins esthétiques (2020-2021)

Nouveaux Soins is a school partnership project coordinated by Lycée Saint-Joseph l’Amandier. A group of French beauty care students will visit the TAI beauty care department for a week of familiarization to Finnish beauty treatments. Finnish students will visit our partner in France to learn about their techniques.


Global Networks

Turku Vocational Institute is involved in multiple networks of VET providers that organize global mobility possibilities for our students. The networks are funded by the Finnish National Agency of Education.

More info on the global networks on the Finnish National Agency of Education administered website:

Links to the individual networks' webistes (info in Finnish)

  • ThaiGo – a network of educational institutions in Finland and Thailand. Studen exchanges and visits.
  • FinnVET in China – student and staff training periods between Chinese and Finnish organizations.
  • Akkuna Venäjälle – short excursions and exchanges to St. Petersburg in Russia for Tourism Industry students
  • Intia – multi-trade network for student and teacher training periods in India (Amritsar, Chennai)
  • Hanako – student and staff training periods and visits between Finnish and Japanese organizations.
  • Kanada – a network of seven Finnish organizations in collaboration with Canadian vocational education institutions. Student and expert visits.
  • GoGlobal KEVA – a network of sustainable development, training periods and volunteering in Nepal, Namibia, Uganda and Tanzania.

Development projects

  • Youth Employability Competences (YEC) – YEC aims to help young people and youth workers to identify key gaps in employability competences and address these through youth worker led training modules
  • Erasmus+ KA2 Bridge The Ocean – the project aims to create a model for reciprocal mobility between European and Canadian VET colleges 
  • AI (ICT)
  • STEAM Turku – a project that aims to build a science and technology learning path combining early childhood, basic and upper secondary level education. The goal is to offer direct paths to further studies and promote the Turku Technology Campus as a higher education option.