TAI Learning Environments

Finnish vocational education is strongly competence based. Students can acquire competence in different manners; in practical and theoretical classrooms, companies or our physical and virtual learning environments.

Our physical learning environments allow vocational students to train with authentic tasks and customers while safely supported by close educational guidance. These facilities provide realistic working experiences to our students prior to and in between testing their skills in companies as well as valuable services to the community and the region. Online studies allow the students to follow individualized study paths at their own speed.

Wisio entrepreneurship learning center

The multi-functional Wisio entrepreneurship learning center gathers many TAI student entrepreneurship practices and entrepreneurial support functions under one roof.

Wisio features the following student-operated services for outside customers:

• Wisio Wellness Center: hairdressing and cosmetology services by beauty and haircare students
• Café Wisio: café and a sales point for our restaurant and food industry students’ products
• Puuhaparkki: child care services and themed birthday parties by practical nursing students (for children over 1 years of age, up to 3 hours at a time)

Wisio also features facilities for entrepreneurship training and conferencing. We organize idea and training camps for our students to encourage their entrepreneurial mindset and teach them the basics of starting and running a business.

Hairdressing student working at Wisio Wellness Center, by M. Hokkanen

The Oppimo learning and tutoring centers

In 2019, TAI launched five Oppimo learning centers where TAI students can get support and guidance in completing common study units such as communication and language studies, society and working life studies or sciences. At the Oppimo learning centers, students can study either independently or with teacher guidance.

The Oppimo learning centers are designed to help our students advance on their individualized study paths and customize their study speed. At each Oppimo,  it is also possible to complete common unit show of skills demonstrations on a personalized schedule. TAI Oppimo facilties are located at our Ruiskatu, Lemminkäisenkatu, Peltola and Juhannuskukkula campuses.

Machine Technology Center Turku Ltd.

Machine Technology Center Turku Ltd. is a modern learning, training and development center for enterprises, educational institutes and researchers in the region of Turku and Southwest Finland.

The Center provides a dynamic and comprehensive environment for applied research and professional specialization in modern production methods and production automation processes.

The main shareholders of Machine Technology Center Turku Ltd. are Turku University of Applied Sciences, the City of Turku (incl. Turku Vocational Institute), Vocational Adult Education Foundation of Turku, and The Federation of Finnish Technology Industries, alongside approximately 80 enterprises.

To learn more about Machine Technology Center Turku Ltd., please visit: www.koneteknologiakeskus.fi/content/en/

Yli-Maaria construction sites

Did you know, that TAI also builds actual houses and homes for Turku residents? TAI construction, building maintenance technology and earthmover students have a unique opportunity to learn through participating in the process of building detached homes on City of Turku owned lots in the suburban Yli-Maaria area.

The houses are designed by the Turku University of Applied Sciences construction engineering students and built by TAI students. The houses are in different stages of development allowing students to train in the different phases of the building process. The building plans are drawn and agreed on with customers and many of the houses will feature modern intelligent building solutions.

Construction students working on a house frame in Yli-Maaria, by M. Hokkanen

Hostel S/S Bore

Turku Vocational Institute took over running the museum ship hostel S/S Bore in 2018. In 2020, Hostel S/S Bore was elected the Best Hostel of the Year. The ship hostel features 130 cabins for 1–4 people. Reception is open 24/7, and laundry opportunity, storage service, sauna and wireless internet are all part of the hostel’s services.

To TAI students, the hostel offers valuable opportunities for an inside view on running a business and serving customers. The training tasks available benefit students from various fields of vocational education. Our students run the reception, breakfast and lunch catering along with the conference and meeting services. TAI students are also involved in the ship’s maintenance and renovation as well as the cleaning and upkeep of the hostel’s common areas and rooms.

To learn more about S/S Bore or make reservations, please visit www.hostelbore.fi/en.

Bore lunch service. A student is plating dishes, by TAI

Aninkainen and TAITO teaching restaurants and conference facilities

TAI restaurant and catering students train in lunch and conference catering and customer service at our two teaching restaurants offering lunch to outside customers daily. Both serve three-course lunch menus with table service and special holiday menus during festive seasons.

TAITO in Lemminkäisenkatu also features an auditorium and conference rooms of different sizes with an offering of snack options for meetings.

Contact information for reservations:

Hostel S/S Bore

Address: Linnankatu 72, 20100 Turku
Phone: +358 40 843 6611
E-mail: hostel.bore@turku.fi

Website: hostelbore.fi/en

Wisio entrepreneurship learning center

Address: Lemminkäisenkatu 14-18 A, 20520  TURKU

Phone numbers for Wisio services:
  • Entrepreneurship training and conference facilities +35840 183 4474
  • Wellness center +35840 632 8290
  • Cafe Wisio +35840 632 3238
  • Puuhaparkki short term child care cervices +35844 907 3950
Cafe Wisio opening hours

Mon – Fri 08:00 - 16:00

Teaching restaurants Aninkainen and TAITO

Aninkainen restaurant

Address: Aninkaistenkatu 7, 20100 Turku
Phone: +35840 661 4701
E-mail: aniravintola@turku.fi

At TAI Aninkainen campus, there is also a selling point for food industry students' products such as bread, pastries and chocolates: Aninkainen Herkku

TAITO restaurant and conference facilities

Address: Lemminkäisenkatu 14-18 B, 20520  TURKU
Phone: +35840 632 3237
E-mail: ravintola.taito@turku.fi