VET Skills

Turku Vocational Institute’s students participate actively in national and international skills competitions. Our teachers and specialists strive to improve their skills and develop the competition settings to match the demands of the working life. TAI teachers have functioned as students’ coaches and competition experts in various fields of education on both national and international competition arenas.

The next Taitaja event will take place May 18th–21st 2021 in Oulu, Finland. To learn more, visit the Taitaja2021 website and watch the video by the Taitaja 2021 Oulu organization!

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For our partners, we offer our help in coaching and sparring your organization’s Skills competitors and coaches to perform at their very best level in competition settings.

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Competing as a study path

Competing inspires the students to achieve the best possible skills in their chosen professional field. Skills acquired through competing and preparing for the competitions can be integrated into our students’ personalized study plans as a study module called Vocational Mastery worth 15 ECTS.

Competing and succeeding in competitions will also improve the student’s career opportunities and working life prospects after graduation as many companies value Skills competition experience in their recruitment processes.

We send our most accomplished competitors to represent Finnish vocational education in international EuroSkills and WorldSkills competitions.

EuroSkills 2018 TAI student Alex Laine representing Finland, picture by WorldSkills Europe

In the Finnish national Taitaja finals, TAI students have brought home

  • 8 medals and 2 honorable mentions in 2019.
  • 5 medals in 2021
  • 7 medals in 2022

In 2017-2022, 7 TAI students have competed in Euroskills and WorldSkills competitions.

TAI’s Head of Vocational Education Mr. Hannu Immonen was representing Finland at the World Skills Competition Special Edition in 2022 as the technical delegate for our country.

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