Welcome to Turku

Founded in 1229 along the river Aura, Turku is the oldest and sixth largest city in Finland. Once an important trading passage, the Aura river remains a central landmark and its riverfront a popular shared living room for Turku’s 190 000 habitants and the nearly 330 000 people living in the Turku urban area.

Turku is one of the most important educational and economical concentrations in Finland. It is home to many large scale international companies and a number of vocational and higher education institutes. The region is especially known for the beautiful archipelago of 20 000 islands and its maritime business connections.

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Delicious historical Turku

Turku offers plenty of things to do and see for visitors. The city’s museums and attractions give an interesting insight to the history of Finland’s very first steps as a European country. The archipelago and its unique nature make for a wonderful day trip destination by boat, car or bike. To all friend of tasty meals, Turku’s restaurant scene is sure to satisfy any appetite. Keep an eye out for Turku Vocational Institute students training in the city’s cafe’s, restaurants, hotels and other services. Every year, over 3000 TAI students train in the region’s companies of various business sectors.

For info on things to do, see, eat and drink in Turku, go to the KissMyTurku website.

Education in Turku

With six higher education institutions and multiple upper secondary general and vocational education centers, Turku is one of Finland’s largest educational concentrations. Over 40 000 students study in Turku every year. Turku Vocational Institute is the largest VET provider of the region and works in close co-operations with the city’s other upper secondary lever schools and higher education. This ensures TAI students natural paths to higher education in case they wish to continue in education after their vocational degree.

Find more info on higher education in Turku on the StudyInTurku website.

Business by the sea

Turku has good connections over land, sea and air to the largest cities in Finland and Europe. Many large Finnish and international scale companies, especially in the automotive and maritime sectors have chosen Turku and South-Western Finland as their home. Turku Vocational Institute has active connections and co-operation with some of the region’s most influential companies such as Meyer Turku, Valmet Automotive, Kemppi and Sandvik. 

Meyer Turku shipyard, by Esko Keski-Oja