Arriving, transportation and accommodation in Turku

Arriving to Turku​

Turku is located on the South-Western coast of Finland. Our city is easy to reach by public transportation from all the other major cities in Finland. Turku is about two hours away from both Helsinki and Tampere. You can arrive to Turku by air, sea, rails and roads.​

  • For instructions on arriving to and getting around in Turku, go to the VisitTurku website.​

The Turku public transportation is called Föli. Most bus lines start, end or pass through the city center.​

  • Info on Föli timetables, fares and bus cards can be found on the Föli website.

Föli has its own transit app, but Google maps will also find Föli routes to where you want to go.

Turku Castle and Föli bus line 1 (Picture by Pasi Leino)

Accommodation Tips

There are several comfortable hotels, hostels and apartments in Turku.​ We are happy to help with location and connection tips.​

TAI's own student-run hostel S/S Bore

One of the most unique options is the ship hostel S/S Bore run by the Turku Vocational Institute and its students.​

​S/S Bore is located near the Turku harbor and the historic Turku Castle. The hostel is easy to reach by the frequent bus line 1, by bike (a city bike station nearby), on foot or even a water bus during summertime.​

Ask S/S Bore for special prices and offers for guests of the Turku Vocational Institute!​

S/S Bore contact information:​
+358 40 843 6611

Hotels for shorter stays in Turku

Here are some of our tips. You will find more hotel options and information on the KissMyTurku website.

Larger international scale hotels:
  • Sokos Hotels in Turku – Sokos Hotel Kupittaa is located right on the Kupittaa train station and just a stone cast away from our Lemminkäinen Campus. Sokos Hotel Wiklund and Sokos Hotel Seurahuone are both renewed and right in the city center with good bus connections to our other campuses​.
  • Radisson Blu Marina  – Marina is right on the Aura river’s west bank, only a few steps away from the city center and 1,4 km away from our Aninkainen Campus.​
  • Scandic Hotels in Turku – Scandic Julia is righ in the city center, close to the Turku Cathedral and our Aninkainen Campus and with good bus connections to our other campuses​.
​Smaller private-owned hotels in the city center:
  • Centro Hotel​ – right next to our Aninkainen campus with good bus connections to many of our other campuses. 1,5 km away from Juhannuskukkula Campus.
  • Park Hotel​ – right next to the Turku main railway station and close to the city center. Less than 1 km away from our Aninkainen Campus and 1,2 km from our Juhannuskukkula Campus.
  • Hotelli Helmi – just a few steps away from the Turku bus station and our Aninkainen Campus and 1,2 km away from our Juhannuskukkula Campus.

​Accommodation tips for longer stays in Turku (7 days and longer)

​Hostels our guests have used:​ ​Rental apartments for over 7 day stays:​

​Remember to check bus connections (by Google Maps for example) to our campuses or the training workplace to make sure the location of the apartment is convenient for you.​

​There are also AirBnB apartments available in Turku.​ We are happy to help with location and connection tips.​