Medical care while staying in Turku

Emergency number: 112

In need of the Police, and Ambulance or the Fire Department?​

Emergency number: 112​

Call the emergency number for example in case of a serious accident, fire or if someone has a seizure and needs an ambulance. Do not call the emergency number unless there is an immediate emergency and you need the police, fire department or ambulance!​

In case of acute illness - emergency services

If you need acute medical or dental attention in Turku, but can get to get to the hospital yourself, go to the on-call Emergency Services in the Turku University Hospital (TYKS T-hospital). The emergency services are open 24/7.​ If possible, call the emergency services in advance before going there.

  • Street address for the 24 h Emergency Services:​ TYKS, T-hospital, Savitehtaankatu 1, 20540 Turku (Google Maps link)
  • Telephone to the 24 h Emergency Services: +3582 313 8800​

Read more about the prizes and practices on the Emergency Services website.

Health care stations and private health care

With less pressing issues that don't need immediate or acute care, there are several private hospitals and public health centers around Turku that are open during weekdays.​ Public health care is accessible for EU/ETA citizens with a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).

There are many Health Centers around the city – make an appointment by phone before going. You can go to any of the Health Centers.

The City Center Health Station​

Private hospitals and health care centers are open to everyone, but might cost more than public health care. You can apply for compensation from you insurance provider afterwards.​

Some private hospitals in Turku:​